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Learning Tai Chi

The Zen Tao Chi-Kung group provides a year round opportuniy to practice Tai Chi on a weekly basis. Practice consists of doing foundation exercises, the first 17 moves twice, as well as the full set of 108 moves, all interspersed with quiet walking. People with all levels of experience practice together with each session lasting one hour in an environment created for learning Tai Chi.

Tai Chi involves listening to your body and developing your own mind-body connection. Each person expresses the moves according to their abilities. Whether a person uses large or small movements, or participates by walking and watching, all is valuable.

Tai Chi is learned by observation, participation, and requesting the demonstrations of specific moves. The most experienced people at the practice lead by taking the four corners of the practice square. This makes it easy for beginners to follow and imitate moves. By learning through doing, participants feel the flow of Tai Chi.

Learning the finer points of the Tai Chi moves is participant driven. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and seek help before and after each practice.

Each person's journey with Tai Chi is unique but learning typically follows this pattern: People begin by following along at group practice to get a feeling of Tai Chi movement. The foundation exercises help to build strength and flexibility, and teach the basics of the form. In addition to group practice people may choose to begin an individual practice at home. It can easily take two years for the full set to become part of an individual's practice.